Why the discussion matters

 The Self-Help section of a book store will have lots of advice on how you interact with a loved one, handle addiction, life events such as marriage and bereavement.

Work, the one area of our life that affects pretty much everything else is often the poor relation. Any work related books or advice tend to centre around productivity, rags to riches tips or effective leadership.

The truth is, our psychological needs at work are less dramatic and more ordinary than completely changing our lives, making millions or leading thousands of people.

Our needs are often more about the small changes we can make and the little things we can understand better that will help us be happier in work, better professionals and as a consequence, be more content in our lives.

Having said that, this is not a feel good discussion, any material discussed will, where possible have a peer reviewed origin and be rooted in the science of psychology.

Some posts will be better than others but hopefully most will put you thinking.